April 2010

Summer’s coming!

Yes, I’m English so I talk about the weather all the bloody time. But anyway, to continue.. the weather has been so good! Ive got a sun tan and freckles already from being outside on my bike a lot. So […]

I love, love, love

I love Sandy’s new tattoo and Brenton Salo‘s killer photo! Great picture and great tattoo by two people who I really loved meeting in Portland. Sandy, please can I bite your style and get the same?

New Hell Yeah shirts in the store

I’ve got a couple of new designs in the Hell Yeah store. Go check em! Designs are strictly limited. Nocturno Culto was at Roadburn at the weekend and I wanted to get him to sign one of the BIKING METAL […]

The Revival

Last year Wayne, Corey and Kati came over to show the Revival at a few cities around Europe. I met up with the guys and and went along with them for part of the trip and this teaser promoting the […]

Charge Scissor 2 prototype

I went down to Charge HQ yesterday to check out the new range and I picked up the new Charge Scissor prototype whilst I was there.  This is the 2011 version of the Scissor to be released sometime late in […]

I Heart Hell Yeah

I make some shirts which go by the name Hell Yeah and you can get your mits on one and check out the new designs tomorrow at the Macbeth in Hoxton. Its free entry, free BBQ on the roof terrace […]

I jumped some more stairs…

Anto spotted these steps up near Old Street and took me there for a look on Saturday. I went back there today and jumped six of em. My video camera ran out before I did this, hence the shitty footage […]

Fixe Mag

I just got the new issue of Fixe in the post. It looks really good and I’m happy to hear that Laura Manganaro has joined the Fixe gang. Laura’s in NYC at the moment most probably leaving a trail of […]


The weather has turned dog shit again… I mean proper rubbish with lightning, thunder, bloody hurricanes. Its so damn cold too. Anyway, before this biblical rain, I managed to head up to the spot in on my BMX. They’ve done […]