March 2010

Hell Yeah Zlog

Zlog in Hell Yeah. I like it. By the way, I have three new shirts on the way which I’m hoping will be ready for I HEART HELL YEAH at the Macbeth on the 15th. Just gotta finish them/print them/shoot […]

Fixed Off road

A bunch of folk went to Epping Forest to ride fixed off road. I didn’t make it myself. Looks like the usual mix of ridiculous shit and good riding went down. Here is Chris Delia jumping a strange woodland dwelling […]

Devan rules!

Check out Devan Council hitting up these steps! Go girl. Yeeaaaaah! Me and a few of the girls are talking about a road trip vid this summer. Fun, yeah? All the girls are stepping up their shit! Gotta make it […]

It has been suggested that perhaps the above might be a more appropriate domain…Yes, after the weekend’s shennanigans me and some of my buddies have been struggling somewhat. Yesterday I dropped into the bowl at Cantelowes and zoned out to […]

Clay rockin Hell Yeah

I met Clay in Portland last year and thought he was a total dude. Bummer that when we went out drinking he was too young to come but we had some fun times riding together. Here he is in a […]

Death Pedal 2 Atlanta Premier

  I’m looking forward to seeing Death Pedal 2 when they show in it London. Word on the street is that the London premier will be combined with the launch of the new issue of Fixed Mag, but I dunno […]

Boards, not bikes

I’m out in the French Alpes in Tines snowboarding. I came over to watch the Winter X Games and my friend Jenny Jones won her third gold in slopestyle. Go Bristol! My buddy Will was kind enough to let me […]

I jumped a set of five stairs

Went out riding the other day with the goal of jumping stuff. I jumped this five stair set near St Paul’s. Looks disappointingly small in this pic! Been finding it hard deciding what to ride this week. The sun finally […]