November 2009

Tokyo Fixed launch party

The Tokyo Fixed launch party last night was ace and the shop looks amazing. They have SO much good stock; heaps of stuff I would love! Right. haven’t got time to fanny about – I gotta go to Rotterdam. Eleven […]

The Revival tour up north…

On Thursday I jumped in the van with Wayne, Korey, Kati, Oscar, Odge and Thom and we drove up to Leeds for a showing of The Revival. Ian and Helen had loaned us some blankets and stuff for the back […]

The Revival in London

Met up with some of the guys from The Revival yesterday and took them down the Kennington Bowl and Stockwell. I took my BMX as I fancied riding it at the skatepark and Minh Ai had her first go on […]

Tokyo Fixed Shop opening

Tokyo Fixed announce the opening of their first stand alone store in London’s Soho. Tokyo Fixed have long been stalwarts of the UK track bike community, providing a unique service importing a range of rare and desirable bike frames and […]

Bride of Frankenkat

I did the Halloween alleycat on Friday night and it was ace. We went as Immortal although my corpse paint didn’t last too well after a full five minutes with my head dunked in a bucket of water (or swine […]