October 2009

Brenton Salo’s Portland photos

I’ve been meaning to post these pics since I got them from Brenton Salo but I have been really busy with meetings and whatnot. The good thing is that Posy and I are now working with Knog lights so we’ll […]

Back in Old Blighty

After my adventures, I’m now back in Old Blighty trying to get on with some work and earn a bit of money for the next trip… and my bills! I had an amazing time in America – go check my […]

San Francisco

Posy and I are still kicking it in San Francsisco. We’ve been updating our blogs over at the Charge site as those guys were kind enough to help us out with our flights so we’re getting our blog on for […]

Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam

I’m lucky enough to have a really good life and I spend a lot of time enjoying myself. Since I left my job in press at Warner records I’ve been doing all manner of things to keep myself afloat whilst […]