September 2009

New tattoo by Thomas Hooper

Thomas Hooper is such an amazing tattoo artist and I was lucky enough to get tattooed by him on Monday. He made a start to this tattoo around my hip and it hurt like hell on the belly. Eventually it […]

Carhartt BMX jam

I went along to the Carhartt BMX jam at the weekend. There was an alleycat on at the same time as part of the Bicycle Film Festival but I decided I’d rather go to the jam as there were gonna […]

Hell Yeah site is down

I didn’t renew my hosting as I was too busy actually enjoying myself rather than sitting in front of a computer! Should be back up later today though. Whoops! I’ve been enjoying my new Charge Scissor which is ACE! So […]

Fucked myself up good and proper

Got a perforated eardrum, six stitches in my chin, an infected wound up my shin and I’m limping because I cut my foot and it won’t heal. Didnt particularly enjoy bleeding out of my ear; its somewhat alarming! Feeling pretty […]

More Euro pics

My camera battery didnt charge properly before I left England so I couldn’t take pictures the second half of my trip. Just got these through though courtesy of Arnaud. Thanks dude This  antique of a computer and shitty internet connection […]

Paris trip…

I had a meeting in Paris on Wednesday about something dead exciting which I am not allowed to reveal just yet. So I randomly decided to go to Paris the day before to get some riding in and just to […]