August 2009

Fixed Mag 4 Launch

I went down to London Fields for the launch of the new issue of Fixed Mag on Saturday and grabbed myself a couple of copies. Ian had a new tattoo: It was a pretty chilled affair as Ian had literally […]

This K cider is really good!

Since going freelance I have been very busy indeed! Mainly partying, sleeping and getting ill. Actually, I’m having a couple of weeks relaxing before it all kicks off next week with lots of exciting stuff. Anyway, I was invited over […]

Fixed Mag, Fixed Females

The latest issue of F ixed mag features an article on the women of fixed gear, written by and featuring yours truly. Take a peek and read about some of the top fgfs ladies.

Hackney Drag Sprints 2nd Edition

Hackney Drags Sprint round two will be taking place this Friday. The exact location is TBC as the place we used last time has been swallowed up by the Olympic development. I came second to last at the previous one […]

London’s fashionable London

I’ve just been kicking about in London this summer – I’m not taking a summer holiday because I’m saving for my West Coast roadtrip in October. But there has been loads of good stuff happening here anyway. Saw Sylosis at […]

Saturday Times Bike Style Pics

Marcus Ross has been shooting pics of London bike riders for a while now and some of his ‘London Bike Style’ pics were featured in the Saturday Times in an article about ‘it Bikes’. Now I’m not really sure what […]

I Heart Wah last night

It is just ridiculous how much it rained last night. I skidded through my tyre on the way to the party and had to wheel my bike halfway accross London to a bike shop. Then the heavens opened and I […]

Download Fixed Mag 3

Get the digital version of Fixed Mag 3 if you can’t get your hands on a solid copy. Click ME Here’s my pic from the mag taken by my lovely friend Sam Hart.

I Heart party at The Macbeth

I haven’t written in a while as I’ve got hijacked by the party train and I couldn’t get off. Went to Sonisphere at the weekend and crowd surfed in Metallica. Sophie had never done it before and was hyped! Saw […]