July 2009

Anti-Sweden vs SUNN O))) Jean advert

Have you ever wondered what a jeans advert would look like if SUNN O))) and Justin Bartlett were involved? No? Well it would look like this! Amazing! Printed in the pocket lining of this first edition line of Anti-Sweden jeans, you’ll […]

I designed some shirts for Boxfresh

I designed a couple of shirts for  Boxfresh for their artist’s series kinda thingy. The first one, the Happy Happy Joy Joy is for spring/summer 2010 and the Abracadabra is for autumn/winter 2010. So they are not gonna be out for […]

The Accused, Thorr’s Hammer & Corrupted

I went to the Scala last night to see The Accused, Thorr’s Hammer and Corrupted. The Accused were exactly what you’d expect. Which is good of course, but nothing suprising. Their new album is exactly like their old stuff; again […]

Posy is in Japan

And I am really envious! Go check her blog and read all about how much fun she is having. Come home Posy, I miss you! There are bikes to ride and parties to chase!

No Gears Bristol film night

I just got an email from my buddy Redg who has organised a bike film night/BBQ/knees up in Bristol on the August Bank Holiday weekend. They’ll be showing Death Pedal and another film, playing Hardcore, larking about on bikes etc. […]

Hell Yeah Wizard shirts are in stock

Yay! I got the Hell Yeah wizard shirts back from the printers. If you’d like one go to the store and clickity click! We’ve all sizes in stock, including some women’s specific cuts. Sorry about the rubbish picture – it’s […]

Nike/Livestrong ride

Nike recently asked a bunch of riders including Superted and Kyle from DQM to choose colourways for a Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Cycling Sneaker. All the profits from the shoe will go to the Livestrong Foundation. Kyle and Hassan flew […]

The Antichrist

Oh, oh, oh! I really want to see this! The Antichrist by Lars Von Trier with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe. Sounds mental.

Tuesday Tricks anniversary

Its been a year since the trick night on the roof in Spitalfields started happening. It’s always a good night; a great way to meet new people, learn new stuff, get tips, ride bikes, hang out. More info on the tricks […]

Hell Yeah round the world

Got this baddass pic of Marlou from Rotterdam wearing a Hell Yeah shirt! Looking forward to meeting ya in August at the European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships Apparently the guys from Rotterdam Fixed Gear are in London this weekend so I […]

Tokyo Fixed Gear shop & Final

Posy and I have been working hard on setting up our own business doing PR, marketing, events and consultancy. Our website just went live and whilst there are still a few tweaks to add and a huge amount of stuff […]

Hellfest on the Vice photo blog

Liam and I took a bunch of snaps at Hellfest and they’re up on the Vice photo blog here. Like they say, we didn’t take (m)any of bands as despite the fact we had photopasses we didnt actually use them. […]

I Heart Thursdays

Our first night at The Macbeth went really well. Thanks to everyone who came down! I posted a few pics here. Coming up next month we have I heart WAH, so come again, eat free food, get drunk, get your […]