May 2009

New Charge Video up

Georgi Banks-Davies and I went out a few weeks ago and made a little film. It was fun razzing about town for a couple of hours on a bank holiday as the streets were eerily quiet. We only got stopped by […]

Wonka in Paris

I love this picture! Shame you didn’t come to London, Wonka! Check out the Gorilla site for more on his Euro trip. Photo by Barnie – go check the blog

Hellz-Bellz rocks!

Look what I just got in the post! The best jacket in the whole world ever, courtesy of the lovely Miss Lawn. Thanks so much, Hellz-Bellz, you girls rock! This is definitely gonna be the default jacket from now on.

Download Fixed Mag Issue 3

Fixed Magazine is now available for download here. Obviously the real version is much nicer, what with it being on such good paper but if you really can’t get down to Shop 14 or Cavendish Cycles, then you can download all […]

Booze not Bikes

I started the weekend with the intention of doing lots of bike things. There was meant to be a race on Friday night but it absolutely pissed it down.  I stood around outside the Foundry getting soaked drinking cans and […]

This is baddass!

I love this Mishka shirt by Arik Roper, the man behind all High On Fire’s artwork as well as the cover of Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker’.  How cool is that? Apparently, Roper’s middle name is Moonhawk; now that would explain a lot. I think […]

Kate Moross / Fixed Gear London Bike

Kate Moross and Fixed Gear London just built a bike for pop-up shop, 143 Presents, a store art directed by Kate. The bike is up for grabs in a raffle with all the proceeds going to the charity  Barnados. Get down there […]

Sleep At ATP

This weekend I went down to All Tomorrow’s Parties at Butlins in Minehead. Butlins is a very strange place indeed – apparently it was used for soldiers or something during the war and then some entrepreneur turned it and the […]

Fixed Fun/Black Metal Hell Yeah shirt

I just got these killer new Hell Yeah shirts back from the printers. I recently comissioned some illustrators whose work I admire and I can’t wait to see the results! This design comes courtesy of Mark Skulls.  Head over to the shop if you’d […]

Fixed Mag 3 party

I went along to launch of the new issue of Fixed last night at Shop 14. I feel predictably rough now. What a suprise. I cannot wait for work to be over. Ugh. Emily Ezekiel looked beautiful as always! Ian […]