April 2009

Brick To Brixton

Scott, the man behind Archies’ Grobags, is organising a BMX point to point race in July. Sounds like it’s gonna be amazing. I wish I had a BMX. From the man himself: “I’m putting on a point to point race […]

Fixed Mag Issue 3

Fixed Mag 3 is on its way and apparently there will be some kind of shindig on the 30th to launch the new issue. It’s gonna be at Shop 14 and its gonna make my head hurt on Friday, particularly […]

Hell Yeah Darkthrone chain cover

Andrew made this one off Hell Yeah Darkthrone bicycle chain cover over the weekend. I’m impressed with his handiwork. Whilst he was sewing, I went riding with James, Gus and Mikey in the sunshine. We went down to the river […]

Bicycle Treasure Hunt

I met up the girls for some kind of Bicycle Treasurehunt. I’m not sure what we were hunting actually; all I found was that the basement of the Market Bar behind Topshop really stinks of shit. How those poor sods […]

My Vivalo

I finally managed to get enough cash together to rebuild my Vivalo. Unfortunately, its been pretty dodgy weather so I haven’t taken it for much of a spin as a) it doesn’t have a sealed headset and b) I am […]

Tree climbing and Monsterism

Sam and I got our pasty white legs out for the first time this year and took the road bikes for a spin on Sunday. It felt like the first day of summer and was so good to be out […]

Supersonic Festival

The full lineup for Supersonic has been released and The Accused and Corrupted are playing! And Thorr’s Hammer! Last time I went to Supersonic I had such a good time that I could barely speak the next day and this one […]

You know you’re in East London when…

You know you’re in East London when even the exercise classes are ironic! And so it is that new dance/fitness/holistic space, Frame has come to be. Kat’s birthday wish was that we all go and try a class.  Not shy […]