March 2009

New Charge Hubs

I just received the new Charge hubs to try out but unfortunately I don’t have the right size cog at the moment…. I’m running about 63 gear inches – 42 on the front and 18 on the back and I […]

Back In London

And its cold, rainy and windy. Sucks after the lovely sunshine in NYC. And the roads in New York may have been full of potholes but in between those holes the roads were fast and smooth.  I much prefered it….As always, […]

New York Days 2 and 3

Jesus, we have been having the best time in NYC. I must confess, I feel really rough after last night’s shennanigans but here’s a few pics of what we’ve been up to. Last night we went to Lakeside Lounge, ate […]

New York, New York

We are having a great time in New York having already got our lips tattoed, ridden with some new friends, had a good brunch, drunk bloody marys, visited Boneshaker’s and Trackstar, Neighburrito and Economy Candy…. I stuck a couple of pics […]

Friday 13th Massacre Alleycat

I gave some Hell Yeah shirts as prizes at the alleycat on Friday. Normally I like to race but I really couldnt be arsed that day so I stood around drinking street beers and eating pizza instead. So many people […]

Wah Magazine and Wah Nails

Go check out the new Wah Magazine site, here. Its looking amazing! We’re gonna be making a little vid in NYC for Wah TV so watch out for that. In the meantime, there’s a bunch of cool stuff on there including blogs […]

Post Tenebrae Lux Jewellery

Myself and my buddy Ash make jewellery from time to time. I made these silver teeth and ears way back last year but never got around to putting them on a chain. Ash very kindly did this for me recently […]

Kylesa – Static Tensions

I suggest you get your mits on this. Its ace and helping me get through a cocktail hangover. I saw Kylesa at the Water Rats with Baroness last year and it was awesome. This new album still keeps their signature […]

Metallica at the 02

Emily and I are two lucky ladies – yesterday we were given free tickets to Metallica by our fantastic wee Scottish pal, Mackenzoid. We decided to get a ferry along the Thames to the O2 as we knew that it […]

New Charge Bucket Saddle

I put my new Charge Bucket saddle on the Plug over the weekend. It looks like the Turbo…and as its made using the original Turbo last that is no suprise, eh? I think its gonna come in green, orange, brown, white […]