February 2009

Tom Mosher’s trip

I’ve had the odd update from Tom Mosher on his grand tour and it sounds like he is having a blast. I wont give too much away as I think he is filming a bunch of stuff and I wouldn’t […]

Valentine’s Karmasutracat

On Valentine’s day I headed down to Tour De Ville for the Karmasutracat.  I was gonna get my bike washed as all the proceeds were going to chairty but I was too busy riding it….. The alleycat was a point to point […]

Tony Fast’s birthday

It was a shame Tom Lamarche and Tony Fast weren’t in London for longer because it was really good fun having them here. Tony’s birthday was brilliant; we had such a good time which I think is obvious from the […]

Relentless Party

I went along to the Relentless energy drink party last night which featured ‘white collar boxing’ and a performance by the band ‘Haunts’. We had a laugh but there was one main problem – due to licensing laws no alcohol […]

Girl stuff

A while back there used to be regular ‘girl’s bike nights’ that went under the name of Trixie Chix. I have to say that I’m not at all into segregation myself for many reasons including the fact that I like boys as well […]

New pictures by Sam Hart

I went filming with Grace over the weekend and it was brutally cold. It snowed a bit but it was before the major (?) dump that caused London to come to a standstill. I was out all day  with Sam […]