January 2009

Iron Maiden Movie

I went out for dinner with some friends last year and my friend’s husband told me that he was going on tour with Iron Maiden. He’s a lighting technician and having previously done the lights for ‘Riverdance’ of all things, […]

Hell Yeah Skeleton Shirt

I just got my new Hell Yeah shirts back from the printers and they came out really well! Based on the Juan Posada print. Click here if you’d like to purchase one of these fine garments. Remember, black will always […]

Jenny Jones wins X Games gold

I am so happy and excited! My friend Jenny Jones has won a gold medal in the X Games slopestyle. How amazing is that? A British girl winning the biggest snowboard competition in the world. Yay! I can’t for the […]

Rollapaluza XII Kingspin

After our dismal failure at the last roller race, team SBC are having another go and entering two teams into the Kingspin competition at Bloombury Bowling Alley. I am as shit at bowling as I am at roller racing…so it […]

Charge Scissor prototype

I went round Fixed Gear London for a look at the new Charge Scissor frame that Ted and Tom La Marche are gonna be riding. It looked nice and felt lighter than my frame. The fork looked particularly good – […]

New Hell Yeah logo

I’ve been working on a new Hell Yeah logo, a new shirt design and a Hell Yeah cap. Its taking me bloody ages as I only ever seem to be at home for about 10 minutes every few days. Here’s […]

Girl’s bashed up face club

Founder member of the bashed up face club, Mel, has added another facial injury to the collection. I went out riding on Sunday so I arrived at the pub late and was greeted by my buddies who’d been on it […]

New Charge Forks

The new Charge protoype frames have arrived at the Fixed Gear London HQ and I can’t wait to go over there and check them out. At the moment, only Ted and Tom are getting them as there are only three […]


I went out for a London ride with the girls on Thursday night and we bombed around going back and forth over the Thames. It was brutally cold but I have discovered a good new sock combo that kept my […]

Fixed Gear bikes are trendy…

Well, who can deny that fixed gear bikes are rather bloody trendy, eh? And to back up this statement we have: Exhibit (a): Fixed Gear London in I.D. Magazine this month: and Exhibit (b): Topman’s window display at Oxford Circus […]

More changes to the steed

I got really sick over New Year at Ian’s house. Maybe the terrible sound of my over zealous karaoke turned everyone else’s stomach too – the next day I could hear Ian running back and forth from the bathroom throwing […]