September 2008

Volcom and Cooler party

I went to the Volcom and Cooler party last night which was held underneath Shoreditch Town Hall. The venue was amazing; an intricate web of cells, corridors and dead ends which featured artwork and installations by the artist Dashenka Prochazka. […]

Hell Yeah Website up and running

I haven’t posted much recently as I’ve been getting my new website up and running. Its a bit lo fi because I programmed it myself and I’ve never done that before. I’ve alse been working on some other T Shirts, […]

Banks Violette Horse

I went to the Bank Violette exhibition at the Maureen Paley gallery on Herald Street last night. Banks had projected a looping image of a galloping white horse onto a screen of water vapour in the middle of a darkened room. […]

Hell Yeah Shirts on the bay

I have some lovely shirts for sale on ebay. These were prizes at the London Bike Polo tournament and you’ll proabably see them pop up all over the shop. Actually, I spotted someone wearing one the other day and I […]

Hell Yeah and Nihilismus

I’m currently working on a collaboration with Nihilismus. Expect a dark and dirty shirt which reminds me of my days touring German squats. I looked like a bit more of a crust when I got back from three months playing shows, eating vegan […]