August 2008

Scaphoid Surgery

When I broke the scaphoid bone in my wrist in July, I did a lot of research into my specific kind of fracture and it didn’t look good. I am not a doctor and could tell from looking at my […]

London Bike Polo Tournament

The London Bike Polo Tournament was on Sunday and I went along to watch and drink beer as my wrist is still buggered.   Some poor sod ended up in hospital with a fractured skull before I even got there […]

Gaucho Rock

Jesus Christ, these kids rock! Check it out. I know I’m shit at playing the guitar, but this really rubs salt in the wound. AND they are far more metal than I am . Dammit

Tea party

I went to Tamsin’s for a tea party on Sunday. Yes, we’re twee motherfuckers. It was for Fos’ birthday and Tamsin pulled out all the stops, baking cakes and making Pimms. But it pissed it down. I mean the rain […]

Charge Plug..with a few customisations

This is the bike that the lovely people at Charge sent to me for cruising the mean and dirty streets of London.  It’s a standard Plug frame and fork in small with a few custom modifications. New Charge wheels, white […]