July 2008

Scissor Tattoo

I went round Liam and Nina’s place night, got drunk and he tattooed these scissors on my ankle. The plan is to colour them in so its a silhouette but it was so damn painful that we didn’t get that […]

Hell Yeah Shirt

I got my first Hell Yeah! sample through recently. It looks great although this is a shit picture. I’ll have a site up when I get my arse in gear and it will be possible to buy these and more for […]

Empire of Dirt

Went down to the Empire of Dirt this weekend with a bunch of mates. We camped in a great place with an icy river running though it and did our best to destroy our livers. I think we did pretty well […]

Broken Wrist

Bollocks. Whilst in Les 2 Alpes, I fell off my bike and broke my scafoid. I am absolutely gutted as my new Charge Plug was delivered in my absence and now I can’t ride it. AND I have to get […]

First Charge Package

I went out riding last night and I learnt leg over the bar skids. Sweet. And when I got in, this was waiting for me! I can’t wait to get out to the Alpes and try it out. I am […]

Mark Cavendish wins

Mark Cavendish won the longest stage of the Tour De France yesterday when he sprinted into the lead. Its his 18th victory since he turned pro last year and it’s the first stage win by a Brit in 5 years. […]

Charge Bikes Sponsor

I’m really happy that they kindly guys at Charge have hooked me up. I’ll be getting my first bike from them next week, which is either to be a modified Plug, or a modified Racer. I’m not sure yet. I […]

Iron Maiden

I went to see Iron Maiden at Twickenham on Saturday night. We smuggled vodka and orange onto the train on the way there, thus circumventing that annoying man, Boris Johnson. We might have slightly overdone it… I could barely drink […]

Trixie Chix in Elle Quebec

The Trixie Chix, who I ride with sometimes, are in Elle Quebec this month. Here’s a rough translation of the text: People are speaking more and more about them. Every Tuesday, the Trixie Chix – a team of London girls […]

Herne Hill

I went to Herne Hill velodrome twice this weekend. I did the induction and training on Saturday and then The LFGSS races on Sunday. Unfortunately, there were only two other girls there so I had to race with the boys. I […]