June 2008

Hot Sweaty Box

  Last night, I went along to an event in the Masonic Lodge underneath the Great Eastern Hotel. I only really went because I wanted to check out the venue. A masonic temple in a hotel! I had to see […]


This is the best thing I have ever seen. Poor Knut had to be hand reared. I wish that had been my job. I would have smiled endlessly  

Fixed Magazine Party

    I went to the launch of the new bike mag, Fixed on Saturday night. It was amazing how many people were there, how big the scene is, how many nice bikes there were. I was green with bike […]

Hell Yeah! and London Bike Polo Tournament

Hell Yeah! is coming along well. I’ve definitely got some London stockists and it looks like I will have a sales agent. Hell Yeah! should be featured in their showroom sometime over the coming month and they’ll be taking orders.  I’ll […]

Flugtag and Fucking Hell

After my accordion lesson on Saturday morning, I went over to the Redbull Flugtag in Hyde Park. It was kind of wierd…. like a festival with no bands. We sat and watched the action on a TV screen whilst drinking […]

Outside the Circles of Time

On Saturday night, I went to a book launch at Treadwell’s, an awesome bookshop in Covent Garden crammed with books  featuring historical and esoteric themes. The evening was to celebrate the publication of Kenneth Grant’s book ‘Outside the Circles Of […]