May 2008

Grindleford Station Cafe

I went up North at the weekend and escaped the terrible London weather. The Peak District is so beautiful. Of course I thought it was pretty boring when I was a teenager, but now I love it. We went for […]

Trixie Chix in Cooler Magazine

The Trixie Chix feature in this months’s Cooler Magazine article on fixed gear bikes. Yes, the journalist does lazily harp on about riding with no breaks (sic), right next to a picture of bikes with brakes, but it’s great to see an article […]

80’s Skate Zine Show

I went to an exhibition of 80’s skate zines last night at NOG on Brick Lane. It was pretty cool to see all the drawings and random stuff by so many amazing skaters, artists and photographers. On display was LUMP […]

No Age

We went to see No Age play at The Dome in Tufnell Park last night. The Dome is really wierd – it’s kinda like a venue that’s not in London, if you catch my drift. Its like a school hall […]

Hello world!

This is my blog. I am Juliet Elliott Its called Hell Yeah. Its the Hell Yeah Blog. I make shirts they are called Hell Yeah too and you can find them at Hell Yeah Projects