Holiday Riding

I like all bikes. My collection is growing and threatening to take over my living room. I am definitely gonna have to get rid of a chair. Anyway, I got a road bike last week and I went out on […]

Girls riding track bikes

I wonder if riding track bikes will go the way of snowboarding and become split pretty equally between the sexes? I hope so! Or will it be like skateboarding and remain like a sausage party forever? I ride with a […]

Don’t Panic Ted and Andy

Check out Ted and Andy’s cool little video; there’s some riding, the bunnyhop barspins and Ted doing a spot of welding. Nice. Actually, I just noticed that I am on it for a millisecond doing absolutely fuck all and looking […]

Vice Mag shoot and Emily’s Party

On Saturday I pedalled up to Epping Forest to do a shoot for Vice Magazine with the mountain bike. It was pretty cold and I was not wearing enough clothes… never a suprise when shooting for Vice! Hahaha! I think […]

Tom LaMarche’s Charge Blog

Now that Tom LaMarch is on Charge, he has a blog up on the site. You can check it out here. He’s got some good photos up there including this one which I really like. I’d really like to be […]

Riding bikes makes you feel good..

Duh! Talk about stating the obvious but it does seem that not everyone realises this. Cooler Magazine published a little picture  and a few words on the benefits of getting out on your bike. I couldn’t agree more… I would […]

Roxy Chicken Jam part 2

So part two of the Roxy Jam was just a party. Well I say just a party, but it was a pretty good one, it was in a castle and you had to wear a mask.  I managed to get […]

Roxy Jam in Kaprun

I’ve come out to the Roxy Chicken Jam in Kaprun, Austria, to film and interview people for Cooler and Mpora. The very nice people at Vans and Oakley sent me a care package so I don’t look like a fool […]

Fixed Mag 2 launch

Woo! Had so much fun this weekend. I went to the Macaframa premier, did an alleycat and then went to the Fixed Mag launch party. All round good times. I have expanded a little on this here  on my Charge […]

Sam Hart’s Pictures

All round lovely lady and good friend of mine, Sam Hart, is a great photographer as well as a brilliant snowboarder, triathlete, rider etc!  Sam came out to Berlin with us on our recent trip and she shot the pictures […]

My face

…Is healing. The bruising is really coming out nicely. I have never been so colourful. Emily and I went to the Vans thingy at Slam on Wednesday and then on to the Document Plus1 shindig at the Macbeth. We may […]

Tom LaMarche is really good

Got this fucking cool picture from Tom LaMarche of him going big at FDR, doing a tyregrab and wearing a Hell Yeah shirt. Nice! He looks good in it : ) He also told me that there’s talk of putting together a […]

Team Awesome rock!

I wrote some stuff about the weekend’s shennanigans here on my Charge blog. It was really good fun apart from I hurt a lot now. I fell on my face and got a black eye and my neck is really hurting. It feels […]

Shaun White Redbull Party

I went to the Shaun White video game launch last night. Like all pikeys we set about drinking as much as we could as fast as we could as soon as we got there, thinking that the drinks would run […]


I’m been listening to Axegrinder loads and they fucking rock. Its pretty amazing how much they sound like Amebix sometimes but then I like Amebix so I’m not complaining. Look how much time they must have spent crimping their hair!!! […]

HTFU Alleycat

Did my first alleycat on Friday. More about this on my Charge blog here. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages. Well, its not like I haven’t been having fun in general, but it was brilliant! Not so […]