I Was A Bike Missenger

Up until last year, I was working as a bike messenger in London alongside my other endeavours. More often than not, I found people intrigued by my mysterious career and was frequently asked what it entailed (delivering packages, duh!), whether they’d be able to do it (yes, probably), whether the pay is really as bad as they say (yup) and whether you still have to work in a downpour (most definitely). As intrigued as my pals, Total Women’s Cycling asked me to take them through a day in the life of a bike messenger and tell them more about what to expect.


Now based in Devon, when I head back up to the big smoke with my bike, I’m always overcome with a strong sense of nostalgia for my old job, mainly because I really, really love cycling in London. For me, it’s the ultimate place to ride fixed gear and the job was pretty damn awesome. But then some days , when it’s truly revolting weather –  bone chilling, torrential rain for instance, I feel really happy that I can just stay indoors!

If you’d like to read more about what to expect as a bike courier, head over to Total Womens Cycling.

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One response to “I Was A Bike Missenger

  1. Hi juliet elliot, my name is clyde edwards im from new york city one of the most congested cities in the world lol!! i was just wondering how was it being a bike messenger? Was it is when you fisrt started

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